Welcome URANIA CREMENE to the MediCOOL team!


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Welcome URANIA CREMENE to the MediCOOL team!

Season 3 of Antena 1’s health show will premiere in autumn this year, bringing you countless surprises! One of them is that Urania Cremene will join the MediCOOL team consisting of host Dr. Mihail, and co-hosts Dr. Elena Popa and Carmen Brumă.

Mother and one of the most appreciated parenting experts in Romania, Urania is the author of All About Parenting, the first parenting program in the country, with a unique methodology based on the latest research in the science of motivation.

Urania Cremene will moderate the Parenting for All column.

“We want to bring the family, with all that it means, into the context of health as a whole. We’ll talk about how we can have balanced children, in balanced families, and how we can raise them healthy – emotionally and physically. So we will be tackling a variety of topics of interest, from what we can put in the school bag, to how we make sure that the little ones know what they have to do for their health”, added Urania Cremene.

Welcome Urania and we look forward to seeing you next season!

Source: A1.ro