Welcome Carmen Brumă and Ana Barbu to the MediCOOL team!


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Welcome Carmen Brumă and Ana Barbu to the MediCOOL team!

Season 2 of Antena 1’s health show, premiering this month, brings you countless surprises! We reveal one of them: Carmen Brumă and Ana Barbu will join the MediCOOL team.

Fitness and nutrition coach, author and beloved TV presenter Carmen Brumă will share the secrets of healthy eating and how to take care of our bodies.

Also, presenter and certified baby sleep consultant with a particularly nice community of moms on Instagram, Ana Barbu, will address topics about baby and new parent health.

MEdicool brings expert health advice for everyone

The show, which premiered last fall, hosted a host of special guests, from nationally renowned doctors to local celebrities, and shared extremely valuable medical advice and gave us medical advice and information that everyone could understand, covering a broad spectrum: mental health, physical health, sleep, nutrition and sport, social relationships, etc.

Together with the host of the show, Dr. Mihail Pautov (specialist in general surgery at the Fundeni Clinical Institute), and Dr. Elena Popa (specialist in Dermato-Venerology and Medical Aesthetics), Carmen Brumă and Ana Barbu wanted to bring viewers even closer to doctors.

What Carmen Brumă and Ana Barbu confessed about the Medicool experience

“I am glad to be back at Antena 1 in a project that suits me very well and is in line with my public message and my concerns for years, i.e. healthy, balanced nutrition, sport and optimal health. I am delighted with the team I worked with, with our guests and I hope that Antena 1 viewers will appreciate this unique show as a format in the media landscape!”, said Carmen Brumă.

“I am honored to be part of the MediCOOL team, made up of cool and knowledgeable young professionals in their field. I hope that the whole story of my experience as a mother, with anxieties and smiles, sleeplessness and fulfillments, frustrations and joys, will be useful to other parents who are now on this merry-go-round full of conflicting feelings and questions. I can’t wait to debate all the current parenting topics without filters”, said Ana Barbu, certified child sleep consultant.

Watch the new MediCOOL season soon on Antena 1 and don’t forget to follow the social media pages to keep up to date with the topics on the show.

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