The Natantiks at I Know You From Somewhere!


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The Natantiks at I Know You From Somewhere!

The funny and talented Eliza and Cosmin Natatnticu start the spectacular game of transformations this Saturday in the newest season of Te Cunosc De Undeva!

Eliza and Cosmin Natanticu start in the spectacular game of
and with many fears about the future of the
the challenges that roulette has prepared for them.

I’m absolutely convinced we’re gonna have so much fun, I’m gonna faint.
of laughter with my husband, especially when the first transvestite comes, when he’ll
he has to shave… there’s no greater pleasure than shaving him
Eliza joked, while Cosmin added: “I think I’m going to be more demanding with her because I’m competitive. My biggest fear is eyeliner, I can’t stand you come near me, they have to tie me to the chair if he comes near me with the eyeliner. Plus the fact that I’m not patient, I generally know what my weaknesses are.“.

And if Eliza wants characters with strong voices from the roulette, Cosmin has completely different expectations:”If I could, I’d only want showbizz characters who don’t really sing, because thank goodness Ruli has a choice :))! I’m really scared I’m not gonna win this season, because then I’ll get it in my head and
I really think I can sing, which my wife does very well. Because I’m aware that the voice in this couple is Lizi, and I’m a luxury accessory!”,
added Cosmin, who also revealed that the hardest thing so far has been to get rid of the beard he has been wearing for a long time.

What challenges the roulette has prepared for them and what characters they will turn into, we all find out every Saturday, from 20:00, on Antena 1!

We keep our fingers crossed for Eliza and Cosmin and we can’t wait to follow your journey on the show!

Source: A1.ro