The Healthy Smile campaign continues!


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The Healthy Smile campaign continues!

This week, Dream Film Production in partnership with dentist Alexandru Meroiu and a specialist clinic continued the “Smile Healthy” campaign at secondary schools no. 2 in Voluntari and no. 3 in Pipera, Voluntari.

The main objective of the educational campaign is to raise awareness of the importance of dental hygiene, with a focus on prevention and early health promotion among children. The event, supported by the Voluntari City Hall, was a real success.

Through a dynamic and interactive presentation, Dr. Meroiu taught the 550 children from preparatory and primary classes the correct method of teeth cleaning and the risk of neglecting it.

“Educating the younger generation should be a priority! Both prevention and good care of our bodies should be implemented early, at the youngest ages. “Smile Healthy” is my soul project, our chance to help young generations grow up in a harmonious and healthy way. Education is the most powerful weapon with which we can change the world,” Dr Meroiu says about the project.