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Hello CHEF – Journey to Brazil – Audience leader!

The 3rd episode of Hello Chef ‘s most ambitious season to date has topped viewer favorites! Together with their special guest, artist Bogdan de la Ploiești, chef Roxana Blenche...

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Hello Chef – Journey to China – is the audience leader!

Hello Chef, the freshest cooking show is back with a new season that will take viewers on 16 extraordinary culinary journeys around the world! In the second episode, Chef...

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Hello CHEF – audience leader!

Sunday is a day to relax and cook delicious recipes with Hello CHEF host Roxana Blenche. The 15th edition, which featured Observator presenters Olivia Păunescu and Rosse as guests,...

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Hello Chef – again audience leader!

It seems that the number 13 is also lucky for us, as you have been with us consecutively in very large numbers this edition too! Artist and special guest...

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Hello CHEF is again the audience leader!

The special guests of episode 12 were actors Vlad Gherman and Mara Oprea from the series Adela. Together with chef Roxana Blenche, they answered lightning questions, banned words, issued...

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Hello Chef – leader for the 6th consecutive time!

Hello Chef is at the top of viewers’ favorites for another week! In episode 9, Adela’s protagonists, actors Cristina Ciobănașu and Alexandru Dunaev, filled the Hello CHEF kitchen with...

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The series Adela – for 3 weeks at the top of viewers’ preferences!

The series Adela was watched in great numbers last night too! For the 3rd week in a row, the newest episodes topped the ratings with over 1.3 million viewers...

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Hello Chef – once again audience leader!

Hello Chef continues to be the first choice for Romanian audiences every Sunday at 13:30!Chef Roxana Blenche to amaze with her mastery, technique and imagination and Carmen Brumă joined...

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Hello CHEF – continues to be the audience leader!

Viewers’ choice: Hello Chef is the audience leader for the 3rd time! Every Sunday, Chef Roxana Blenche spoils viewers with the most spectacular and tasty recipes, adapted to give...

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Hello CHEF – again audience leader!

For the second week in a row, Hello Chef ranked among the top viewer favorites! This time the special guest was none other than the talented artist and new...

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