Riki teams up again with Chef Bontea


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Riki teams up again with Chef Bontea

Arnos Company brought Sorin Bontea and Riki Watanabe together again in a unique collaboration!

Riki made a name for himself in the public eye as a finalist on Chefi la Cuțite on Antena 1 in 2021. Since the auditions, the Japanese (settled in Romania for 9 years) has amazed the chefs with his gastronomic skills. He passed each elimination round with flying colours and became a member of the green team, led by chef Sorin Bontea.

From there, battle after battle, Riki impressed with talent, charisma and team spirit. He worked hard to make it to the finals to make his family, his green team and chef Sorin Bontea proud. Towards the end of the competition, as a token of admiration, Riki got Chef Bontea’s name tattooed.

We missed seeing them again and hope to see them working together again!

Until then, we invite you to watch them cook a cold Asian salad, the star of the dish being Arnos spaghetti.