MediCOOL – leader for the 3rd week in a row


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MediCOOL – leader for the 3rd week in a row

The MediCOOL health show has been the audience leader 3 weeks in a row!

The host of the show, Dr. Mihail Pautov, together with co-hosts Dr. Elena Popa, Carmen Brumă and Ana Barbu, aim to bring you the best advice from specialists in various fields to improve your health.

In yesterday’s episode, the host and special guests discussed blood pressure, cholesterol and the nutrition needed for a healthy heart. In addition to a proper diet and eliminating stress as much as possible, cardiologist Ștefan Busnatu and Carmen Brumă recommended measuring blood pressure three times a day and keeping a diary of these results.

Journalist and mum Ela Christmas has also compiled a list of medicines that should not be missing from your holiday suitcase, especially when travelling with children.

Ana Barbu and Mihail, together with Andrei Ispas, doctor in physical education and sport, Pilates trainer, demonstrated some Pilates exercises that can be done by anyone at any age.

The whole team thanks you for joining us in such large numbers!

We look forward to seeing you next week with a new episode and new information essential for our health!