Medicool – leader for the 2nd week in a row!


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Medicool – leader for the 2nd week in a row!

The viewers have decided: Saturday is Health Day. MEDICOOL was the audience leader for the second week in a row.

In episode 12, show host Dr. Mihail Pautov, along with co-hosts Dr. Elena Popa, Carmen Brumă and Ana Barbu, discussed oral supplements in dermatology, breast self-skinning, debunked myths about breast enlargement through sports, and talked about the diet for people with thyroid problems.

The hosts also talked about the adverse effects of taking antibiotics without a prescription or very often. These can be immediate and manifest as nausea and stomach pain, indigestion, or in the long term, gastritis or various allergies can develop.

Breast groping is another habit that women are not very used to, although they should be. Dr. Laura Mustață recommended a self-exam after each menstrual cycle and for women over 40, a mammogram every two years.

Watch the full episode on AntenaPlay, or segments of the edition on YouTube.

Thank you for joining us this Saturday and we look forward to seeing you next week for more useful tips for our health!