MediCOOL – Episode about SOMN – Audience Leader!


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MediCOOL – Episode about SOMN – Audience Leader!

MediCOOL is back with a new season, with 3 times more tips, 3 times more experiments and 3 times more surprises for viewers!

Episode 2 of season 3 where the hosts and guests discussed all aspects of a peaceful night’s sleep topped the ratings!

The show’s host, Dr Pautov, talked about the importance of sleep quality, the benefits of an afternoon/beauty sleep and explained sleep cycles in detail.

Neurologist Ioana Dunca offered a solution to the most common problems that cause poor sleep: insomnia, depression, anxiety, through transcranial electromagnetic stimulation therapy:

Psychotherapist Raluca Anton offers useful techniques for getting a good night’s sleep that subsequently improves your quality of life.

We found out the effects of lack of sleep on the skin from dermatologist Elena Popa and Carmen Brumă, nutritionist and fitness coach, showed us the best foods to get a good night’s sleep:

Another issue discussed was the effects of gadgets on children’s development and how they affect sleep. Parenting expert Urania Cremene recommends that a co-parent be given access to a phone after the age of two.

Thank you for choosing to join us on Saturday in large numbers! We look forward to seeing you next week with new useful medical tips!