MediCOOL ends season 2 leading the audience!


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MediCOOL ends season 2 leading the audience!

In episode 16, the host of the show, Dr. Mihail Pautov, together with co-hosts Dr. Elena Popa, Carmen Brumă and Ana Barbu, discusses natural and caesarean birth, wax plugs, vertigo, and how to put babies to sleep so that we can have a good night’s sleep.

ENT Dr Ioana Voda and Dr Mihail Pautov debunked myths about wax plugs, including the most common one that a plug forms due to poor hygiene. The truth is that wax is a way of protecting the ear from external factors, and those who sweat more are actually more likely to produce wax in their ears.

Dr. Voda also demonstrated how to get rid of the fear of heights with guest Eliza Natanticu, and told about a dizziness that many people experience, called vertigo, which needs to be treated by a specialist if it presents serious symptoms.

The main problem for mums once they get home with their babies is sleeping. Specialists in baby sleeping methods recommend that the surface on which babies sleep should be flat and free of disturbing items such as toys or baby nests. It is recommended that babies sleep as much as possible.

The whole MediCOOL team thanks you for joining us during season 2 in great numbers and we look forward to seeing you with great anticipation and many surprises next season in the autumn!

Don’t forget, you can watch all episodes in full on AntenaPlay and segments of the editions on YouTube.

COOL summer everyone!