MediCOOL – Audience leader again!


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MediCOOL – Audience leader again!

The coolest health show was once again at the top of the ratings!

The hosts and guests came with lots of vital information on topics as diverse as facial rejuvenation, myths about moles and how sun rays affect us, and the hidden traumas behind some of the habits we create for ourselves.

Psychotherapist Mihai Albu and Carmen Brumă offered solutions to replace compulsive habits and dentist Traian Comănescu offered advice and prohibitions for those who have dental veneers.

The effects of excessive sun exposure and sunshine were explained by Dr Elena Popa and her guests Bianca and Mihai, melanoma survivors.

The co-host also covered the topic of natural skin treatments with her special guest, artist Alexia Țalavutis. I learned on this occasion that oatmeal baths are very beneficial to dehydrated skin, but also that lemon juice used on skin that is subsequently exposed to the sun can cause a burn.

On behalf of the MediCOOL team, we’re glad that this health information is reaching so many people! Thank you for joining us and we look forward to seeing you next Saturday, from 12 noon on Antena 1 and AntenaPlay, for more interesting topics in the medical field.