MediCOOL – audience leader!


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MediCOOL – audience leader!

The MediCOOL health show was again the audience leader!

In episode 11, the show’s host Dr Mihail Pautov, along with co-hosts Dr Elena Popa, Carmen Brumă and Ana Barbu discussed sedentary lifestyles, how we can keep our knees healthy, what dermatological problems can occur when doing sports and debunked myths about footwear, especially for children to train a correct gait.

Among Dr Michael’s tips for getting rid of sedentary lifestyles were: park the car further away from the office to walk a bit, don’t take a seat on public transport and try to work at the desk for at least 3 hours standing up.

When it comes to the ideal footwear, Dr. Mihai Jianu explained that a child should be left barefoot as long as possible, and when putting on shoes, we should choose a very flexible sole. See the YouTube video below for more information.

For more health tips, watch the full episodes on AntenaPlay!

The whole team thanks you for joining us in such large numbers!

We look forward to seeing you next week with a new episode and new information essential for our health!