Hello CHEF returns with a new season!


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Hello CHEF returns with a new season!

On Sunday, February 27, from 13:30, HelloCHEF returns to Antena 1 with a new season!

  The show’s host, Chef Roxana Blenche, together with Carmen Brumă, invites you to discover new delicious recipes, impressive cooking techniques and nutritional information every week.

Each edition brings a new star to the HelloCHEF kitchen to share their recent projects, their own culinary experiences, and participate in tasty games and discussions.

What Chef Roxana Blenche tells us about the new season

       “The new Hello Chef season will be much more exciting, we will have new games during the show as well as sensational guests. I must also thank the team on this occasion, we have a brand new kitchen that meets all my requirements. I can’t wait for it to start, because you’ll discover a new Roxana, much more relaxed, and the dishes, I assure you, will be some to suit all tastes. This time we will try to give viewers the hottest tips on plating to impress even the most discerning dinner guest!” said Chef Roxana Blenche.

Carmen brumă about season 3

    “This show is the perfect recipe for relaxation, in my opinion, good food, friendly decor, charismatic guests, information about healthy eating, but also cooking tips, plus a chef team Blenche – Brumă with whom you will definitely not get bored!”, said Carmen Brumă.

Season 3 guests include Andreea Bănică, Iulia Albu, Alexandra Stan, Connect-R, Laura Giurcanu, Cristina Ciobănașu and Alecsandru Dunaev, Mihai Morar and many others.

See you Sunday at 13:30 with Chef Roxana Blenche, Carmen Brumă and their first guest: Connect-R!

Source: A1.ro