Hello Chef – once again audience leader!


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Hello Chef – once again audience leader!

Hello Chef continues to be the first choice for Romanian audiences every Sunday at 13:30!
Chef Roxana Blenche to amaze with her mastery, technique and imagination and Carmen Brumă joined her with interesting and extremely useful information about the foods in her recipes.

In the 3rd season edition, on 10 April 2022, the special guest was none other than Vladimir Draghia, former competitive swimmer. As soon as she arrived on the set, they set to work as a team kneading the dough for the homemade pasta and expressed their fascination with using vodka in food and laughed heartily as they played amusing games.

This episode shone with the preparation and presentation of a Pâte à Choux that Chef Roxana said:

“It’s the most difficult dessert that’s ever been made on this show.”

Thank you for joining us this week and we look forward to seeing you every Sunday, from 13:30, with new episodes, only on Antena 1 and AntenaPlay!