Hello Chef – Journey to China – is the audience leader!


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Hello Chef – Journey to China – is the audience leader!

Hello Chef, the freshest cooking show is back with a new season that will take viewers on 16 extraordinary culinary journeys around the world!

In the second episode, Chef Roxana Blenche set off on a journey exploring one of the world’s oldest gastronomies: China’s, and had as her guest Andreea Bălan, a much-loved artist and judge on the country’s longest-running entertainment show, I Know You From Somewhere.

Alongside them is always Carmen Brumă, the nutrition technician of Hello Chef, who assisted from behind the scenes throughout the entire process of preparing the dishes and revealed the history of the dishes that define Chinese food culture.

So the famous Wonton soup was cooked and a dessert of sesame balls filled with red bean paste. There were spirited challenges but also fun games and lots of dancing and singing.

Thank you all for joining us in great numbers and we’ll see you again with a new guest and a new gastronomy to explore next week!

If you want to re-watch the episode, it can always be found in intergral format on AntenaPlay, and segments of the show on our YouTube channel: