Hello CHEF is again the audience leader!


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Hello CHEF is again the audience leader!

The special guests of episode 12 were actors Vlad Gherman and Mara Oprea from the series Adela. Together with chef Roxana Blenche, they answered lightning questions, banned words, issued challenges and cooked the most delicious mussels in white sauce and for dessert chocolate roll with whipped cream.

The two actors did great in the kitchen!

As usual, Carmen Brumă, Hello Chef’s nutrition technician, assisted us throughout the whole process of preparing the dishes and gave us useful and accurate information about the benefits of the ingredients used.

If you haven’t seen episode 12, you can watch it on AntenaPlay, or in segments on YouTube.

Thank you all for watching in great numbers and we’ll see you next week for another Hello CHEF episode!

Source: A1.ro