Happy 8th March!


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Happy 8th March!

Although we have officially celebrated Women’s Day on 8 March in Romania since 1989, the day has its roots in 1909, when women workers protested for better working conditions and adequate pay. After many events organised over the years by powerful women around the world, the UN declared and celebrated International Women’s Day for the first time on 8 March 1975 – International Women’s Year.

Women are now celebrated annually around the world on March 8, and this day symbolizes the struggle and
the political, social and economic achievements of women in history.

In Romania and Bulgaria it is customary to celebrate Mother’s Day on 8 March. Since 2010 this holiday has been officially declared a public holiday on the first Sunday of May.

On International Women’s Day we celebrate our artists(Elena Matei, Iuliana Pepene, Patrizia Paglieri, Eliza Natanticu, Roxana Blenche) , co-hosts of Hello Chef and MediCOOL (Dr. Elena Popa, Carmen Brumă and Ana Barbu), and the entire female cast of Adela!

Continue to inspire us with your talent, passion, creativity and strength!

We also wish a big Happy Birthday to all women in the world! This day belongs to you!

Happy Women’s Day!