Cosmin and Maria – their journey on Dancing on Ice!


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Cosmin and Maria – their journey on Dancing on Ice!

An absolute premiere in Romania, Dancing on Ice – Dream in Two debuted on 5 April with 9 brave pairs, consisting of a star and a professional skater.

The teams are vying for the Grand Prize of €50,000, which will go to the professional skater on the team to make a big dream come true. Before they get there, however, they have to impress the jury, made up of skaters Cornel Gheorghe and Simona Pungă, and dancers Mihai and Elwira Petre. But the audience at home must also be convinced because they support their favourite pair by SMS, so the weekly score is 50% – jury, 50% – viewers.

Team Cosmin & Maria and her dream

Comedian and actor Cosmin Natanticu teams up with Maria Coroamă, coach and multiple national champion. Her dream is to develop a training room to raise the level of the skaters she coaches at her club:

“I want very much to make this gym for physical training, so that athletes can benefit from the conditions that exist in the world” – Maria Coroamă.

Let’s follow their course:

12 March – First dance on ice

Premiering at Dancing on Ice, Cosmin and Maria provided an energetic, peppery moment with humour and lots of technical elements to a nostalgic late 90s track, Canned Heat – Jamiroquai.

Emotions got the better of him and towards the end of the artistic program, Natanticu fell down, but showed courage and continued skating. The jury appreciated and applauded their moment.

“It’s very important to know how to get up,” Elwira Petre remarked.

So, with the jury’s scores and the viewers’ votes, Cosmin and Maria advance in the competition.

19 March – Soundtrack to the movies – Pirates of the Caribbean

The first themed edition of the competition, transformed the contestants into the characters of the most popular and famous films in international cinema.

Through the magic of Dancing on Ice – Dream in Two, Cosmin Natanticu and Maria became Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swann from Pirates of the Caribbean and impressed the jury.

The ability to get into character, the harmonious way in which they complement each other, and the technical elements clearly demonstrated by the two, were some of the observations of the jury Simona Pungă, Cornel Gheorghe, Mihai and Elwira Petre.

The score obtained from them together with the viewers’ votes, ranked them further in the competition!

26 March – Evening of dance styles – Charleston

On 26 March, Dancing on Ice – Dream in Two kicked off the evening of dance styles. From tango to rock’n roll to disco, the 7 remaining pairs in the competition fought to keep their place in the competition and get closer to the grand prize.

Cosmin Natanticu and Maria surprised both the jury and the viewers in an energetic number to the rhythms of Charleston!

The jury scored the pair’s progress, expressiveness and dynamism. Also the fact that Maria and Cosmin listened to their advice and incorporated technical elements suggested by them.

So Cosmin and Maria qualify for the next stage of the competition.

2 April – Storytelling Evening – Rio

The evening of stories and the most beloved cartoons filled the Dancing On Ice – Dream in Two set with nostalgia, colour and magic!

Unfortunately, Cosmin and Maria suffered accidents during rehearsals, which meant many physical recovery sessions and caused some tense moments in the pair. In addition to new choreography, all teams had to include a technical element imposed by the jury in their artistic moment. Nevertheless, they showed their professionalism and gave the audience, who supported them for 5 weeks, a fairy-tale and totally energizing show!

The judges’ notes and observations reflected the fact that the show is fast approaching the Grand Final and their demands in terms of dance, technique, expressiveness and skating are increasing with each edition. So the score they got sent them to the duel where they fought for the last chance to stay in the competition, but it wasn’t enough to go further.

Excited and grateful for the experience, Cosmin and Maria thanked the audience, the jury and the entire production team before leaving the Dancing on Ice – Dream in Two competition:

“I feel very earned. I never thought I’d be putting my skates on, let alone skating. I thank Maria for the patience she has had with me, for the encouragement she has given me and for everything she has taught me,” said Cosmin Natanticu.

“It was a very nice experience that helped me remember what it’s like to compete in a skating competition. Dancing on Ice – Dream for Two was also a big challenge as Cosmin had to learn the sport from scratch, but nevertheless I think we reached a pretty advanced stage in the competition”, added Maria.

Source: A1.ro

We congratulate you for all your journey in the competition and for all you have achieved! I have followed you every week with much excitement and admiration! Keep inspiring us Cosmin and Maria!