Chef Roxana Blenche, Burger King & Tazz: Collaborate record!


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Chef Roxana Blenche, Burger King & Tazz: Collaborate record!

The partnership between  Roxana Blenche , Chefi la Cuțite season 8 finalist and Burger King has borne unexpected fruit. Together the chef and BK created a reinterpreted product that turned out to be a hit. Using local ingredients, chef Roxana Blenche created a burger that sold 1481 units in a single day via Tazz by eMAG.

It’s The Domnesc Burger, the second product in the Royal Tastes, Legendary Deliveries campaign. We’re dealing with a burger that combines the textures of juicy beef patty, crispy onion rings and delicious bacon, plus sauces of garlic mayo, barbeque and chilli cheese. The pickled cucumbers have been carefully chosen and the fresh vegetables add fresh notes. All for a balanced taste and a tasty dish.

The new dish created by Chef Roxana Blenche can be ordered exclusively through the Tazz app, with personal delivery or pick-up from the restaurant until 30 December 2021. You can find it in two varieties: Fain Chicken with chicken and Burger Domnesc with beef. The two burgers can also be ordered from Tazz as a menu item, accompanied by a side of fries and a drink of your choice.

The first assortment reinvented by the chef was Fain Chicken, a light and tender chicken burger that includes a fluffy bun, crispy bacon, caramelized onions, aged cheese, onion rings and fresh vegetables. A hint of pickles discreetly drifts over them, under a “tricolour” of sauces. The “Royal Tastes, Legendary Deliveries” campaign is part of the “Local Tastes, Legendary Preparations” project, about which I wrote here.

Attention, Fain Chicken and Burger Domnesc can be ordered through Tazz in all Burger King restaurants in Bucharest and Brasov until 30 December 2021.

News taken from degustam.ro