Babana tells us about Come to Us!


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Babana tells us about Come to Us!

In the 8th season of “Poftiți pe la Noi – Poftiți prin Tara”, host Nea Mărin has put a new series of stars to work! For 3 consecutive editions, the six stars who tried to face the challenges were: Sony, Nicolai Tand, Oase, Ilona Brezoianu, Răzvan Babană and Florin Ristei.


In the face of all the assignments he received, Razvan Babana managed to shine every time, creating totally memorable moments. From his photo session with Andreea Tonciu, interrupted by the Sony-triggered fire extinguisher and chase on the beach, to his ride on the tall trolley that resulted in him tipping the scales, to his glowing appearance at the pool after completing the difficult task of extracting and moving mud, we couldn’t take our eyes off the TV when Babana appeared.

Arguably the icing on the cake was when Babana, Sony and Oase had to carry the milk to the valley stable by donkey. A painfully funny moment ensued as the three tried to catch, climb and ride the donkeys.

“That’s how hard I felt the pain, I thought I was dead,” exclaimed Razvan Babana.

Latest episode Come and see us: Welcome to the Country, was a sweet conclusion to the show’s 12 years of broadcasting. The party was full of excitement and a sense of gratitude that they were able to show viewers special images of our beautiful country.


Babana shared more about his experience on his Instagram page:

“There were moments when I laughed, I cried, I experienced all the emotions at once. Recognize. I had a lot of fun. I honestly felt like I was free, and all I had left was to fly. Yes, yes. We flew. Literally and figuratively.

Of course, I would also like to underline the professionalism of the people behind the cameras. They are always there for us, hours of work, shared emotions, lots of movement and always looking out for our well-being.”