Eliza Natanticu


Eliza Natanticu

Eliza Natanticu is a multi-talent: singer, actress, and dancer. A graduate of the art high school, choreography section, and the theater faculty of the Hyperion University, the artist made her first appearance on the Ex Factor show on Antena 1 in 2016. Through her latest single, Arde, she demonstrated her qualities as a composer .

Visionary artist

Eliza launched a unique show on the event market in Romania, a Burlesque Show with dancers and extravagant costumes. He also has his own band with whom he plays at parties and private events, tackling a wide playlist of musical genres.

Actress: Theater and TV

As an actress, she impressed in plays from Notarra and Odeon, but also in television series: Trăznitii from Prima TV, Life Lessons from Pro TV, Triplu Sec from Protv and the show Divertis Mall from Antena1 .

Competitor Asia Express

In 2018 she married the actor and comedian Cosmin Nanticu. They competed together in Season 4 of Antena 1's Asia Express.