Cosmin Natanticu


Cosmin Natanticu

Natural charisma, effervescent presence and native talent as a comedian brought Cosmin Nanticu into the spotlight and onto the stage of the most watched television shows on Antena 1, Comedy Central, PRO TV and TVR, where he created unforgettable moments of stand-up comedy and improvisation

Quality humor creator

He is a creator of good humor and quality humor, being one of the most appreciated and popular comedy actors in Romania.

Extensive experience in television

He was part of the teams of well-known television shows: "Divertis", "Serviciul Român de Comedie", "Taxi Driver", "Farm of the Stars", "Asia Express", "Pe Bune", "Comedy Club", " Suprize-Surprize", played in the series "Profu'" and did a full show on "iUmor".