Chef Dragoș Bercea


Chef Dragoș Bercea

Chef Dragos Bercea participated in the first edition of the culinary show Top Chef on Antena 1, reaching the grand final. He is a constant presence on television sets as a guest in the shows La Măruță - PRO TV, Observator - Antena 1, Teo Show - Kanal D.

Top competition competitor

At the same time, he attracted the sympathy and attention of the public after participating in international cooking competitions: in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Portugal, Hungary, Croatia and China & national competitions in big cities: Bucharest, Cluj, Constanța.

Awarded with gold

Awarded with gold and silver medals at culinary competitions in Moldova, Croatia and Luxembourg, he currently owns and manages together with his family the Cabana Vânătorilor restaurant in Predeal and is R&D for the City Grill Romania company, participating in the development of the largest delivery project in Bucharest - City Grill Delivery.

Passionate about travel and motorbikes

He loves to travel and seeks culinary experiences all over the world. He is passionate about motorbikes, winter sports and nature outings.