Adela – Audience leader again


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Adela – Audience leader again

The latest episodes of Adela – What’s Yours is Mine have been audience leaders!

Last week almost 1.3 million viewers watched with excitement the culmination of a long-awaited moment: the wedding between Adela (Mara Oprea) and Mihai (Alecsandru Dunaev). But Andrea’s appearance at the wedding completely transformed the idyllic atmosphere in which the guests and the bride and groom found themselves.

Last night, almost 1.5 million viewers watched the latest twist for the characters in Adela – the death of Mona Andronic. The main suspect is none other than Ana Andronic, but the other suspects have not been proven completely innocent either. Prosecutor Lascu makes a surprise revelation: Lucian’s fingerprints are not on the gun.

What Ana Andronic will do to get rid of the accusations against her and how Lucian will handle it next, we will all find out watching the latest Adela episodes next Thursday at 20:30 on Antena 1.

Thank you for joining us in large numbers!

Source: A1.ro and A1.ro