Adela, audience leader 3 episodes in a row


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Adela, audience leader 3 episodes in a row

Last night, viewers watched in huge numbers the series produced by Ruxandra Ion and Dream Film Production, in the common broadcasting slot with Masked Singer Romania, the Antena 1 series being the audience leader in all categories.

According to Kantar Media data, from 9:27 pm to 11:00 pm, Adela led the ratings for all audiences.

Thus, in the commercial audience aged 18-49, the series Adela ranked first among viewers’ preferences with an average audience rating of 7 rating points and 21.7% market share, while Pro Tv ranked second with an average 5.6 rating points and 17.5% market share.

In urban areas, Adela was also the first choice of viewers, with an average rating of 6.6 points and 16.6% market share, while Pro TV was second with 5.4 points and 13.6% market share.

The hierarchy was also maintained at the national level, with the series Adela being the first choice of the viewers, in the mentioned interval, with an average rating of 7.8 points and 18.8% market share, while Pro TV recorded then 6.1 rating points and 14.6% market share.


These are the last episodes of Antena 1’s Adela, season 2

Just two weeks separate viewers from the denouement of Adela’s second season, a dramatic and totally unexpected season finale. Faced with unprecedented situations, the characters will make unpredictable decisions. Lucian (Daniel Nuță) blames Martha (Carmen Ionescu) for his mother’s death: “I won’t give up until this television is mine!”, while Martha also fights back: “I want to wash away all my sins, I want to start from scratch. I’m going to confess everything! Calin is your brother! He’s Anghel’s son, not Florin!”.

Ousted from the company by Adela (Mara Oprea), Lucian doesn’t give up: “I was wrong to trust you!” he tells Mara. All the while, Andreea (Oana Moșneagu) makes a very tough decision and gives Lucian a letter that was actually her mother’s salvation. “Here’s something to help you stay! A secret!”

What other things will come to light and will continue to hinder the happiness and peace of mind of the protagonists, viewers will be able to find out by watching Adela, every Thursday, from 20:30, on Antena 1.

Although the truth has come out and Adele has found out who she really is, the story doesn’t end there. Next, every Thursday at 20:30 on Antena 1, new secrets will come to light in the last weeks of this season Adela.

Filming for the third season of the series produced by Ruxandra Ion and Dream Film Production is in full swing, so viewers will soon be able to watch the continuation of the story of the project that enjoys an exceptional cast and a production team with extensive experience in the world of series.