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Welcome to Dream Film Production!


Our team of professionals with a wealth of experience in the field specializes in the creation and production of television series, TV shows, commercials, videos and online content, while also aiming to discover new talents and entrepreneurs.

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What are we doing

Our services

TV productions

For us, it's all about immersion and creating a memorable TV experience.

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Advertising productions

We transform and bring creative visions to life, bringing viewers closer to your brand.

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Promotional services

We work closely with our clients to deliver a diverse range of projects, spanning multiple media types, tailored to their brand objectives.

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Talent Management

Our team of specialists is disciplined, motivated and passionate about creating great opportunities for our clients and partners.

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Series, Shows & Commercials

Our projects


TV series with a record audience

Hello Chef

Educational culinary show with chef Roxana Blenche


Fresh broadcast with medical advice from Dr. Mihail Pautov


The richest distribution of a TV series in Romania

Family stories

Series with stories inspired by real everyday problems


A colorful and tasty comedy

The most recent


DreamFilm News

Hello CHEF – Journey to Brazil – Audience leader!

The 3rd episode of Hello Chef ‘s most ambitious season to date has topped viewer favorites! Together with their...

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DreamFilm News

The Natantiks at I Know You From Somewhere!

The funny and talented Eliza and Cosmin Natatnticu start the spectacular game of transformations this Saturday in the newest...

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DreamFilm News

Hello Chef – Journey to China – is the audience leader!

Hello Chef, the freshest cooking show is back with a new season that will take viewers on 16 extraordinary...

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